Meteffect |SHARP Substance Abuse Recovery Solution Long Term Treatment
Metaffect, A dedicated team offering long term recovery solutions in Polokwane

When faced with the overwhelming choices of placing a loved one, or oneself, into a recovery centre, a decision can be daunting.  What are the best choices?

In South Africa there are many fine centres to choose from, all with excellent staff and solid programmes.

Meteffect has taken that a step further.  Based on experience, best practice and the finicial realities of long term treatment for substance abuse and related disorders,we have noted the challenges of early recovery as well as the fears of facing life on life’s terms without the enabling crutch of substances.  We understand the feeling of low self worth and work with our participants encouraging growth and stability. We focus on

  1. Self Help – primarily the 12 Step fellowships of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) as these will be the support and strength of our participants when they re-integrate into society.
  2. Dual Diagnosis – Understanding that substance abuse is offten a chronic relapsing disease that needs to be addressed from the medical perspective. where we teach our cliebts how to live with their diagonis.
  3. Personal Responsibility in healing the past traumas in their lives as we know that often our clients pasts often impacts their furture and that those patterns need to be broken.
  4. Recovery coaching where we believe that the client has the capasity to take responsability for their own lives and ability to live the life of their dreams. because we know our often strong willed clients can acheive many great things give the right set of tools.

Our facility is modelled after a healthy family environment allowing our participants to heal the internal damages and create a new future for their own families.  The participants are expected to complete chores, thereby learning discipline and the satisfaction of work well done.  Words such as respect, integrity, fellowship, honour, honesty and support are not just bandied around, these are values  held dear in the Meteffect Home and become an integral part of each participant.

Our centre is on a large plot with tranquil gardens and bird life a couple of kilometre out of town.  In working with each other and the staff, each participant learns more about themselves and their true nature and not the mask shown to the world to defend their addiction.