TOUCHING THE VOID (Review by Nicolette)

Would it be dramatic to say that a movie changed my life? I saw Touching the Void, a doci-movie, recently on M-net and it’s shifted my perspective in the most extraordinary way – it helped me understand my own role as a new mother! I’ve been battling to find that place, to get in touch with that “instinct”. Joe’s story was so utterly moving, and when he said, “Keep making decisions – even if they’re the wrong ones…” a lot of things fell into place for me.

Touching the Void tells the true story about two mountaineers who nearly (and against all odds should have) lost their lives in the Peruvian Andes. After an accident that left him unconscious, Joe’s climbing buddy and friend came to one of the most agonising decisions he’s ever had to make. To cut the rope that joined the two of them. Joe’s limp body fell into the darkness, and to what should have been his inevitable death. Joe awoke hours later, alive but very alone, at the bottom of a deep, dark crevice. He also had a broken leg.

How did Joe survive? Many will say that it was a miracle. For Joe it was about making decisions (even the wrong ones) and setting small goals. His first decision was to climb deeper into the crevice. And though that seemed like insanity, it was how he found a way out, a crack of light in the darkness.

I realise now that there’s not a soul in the world who can tell me how to be a good mother to my daughter, that’s up to me. And all I know for sure about our future is that I will be making decisions that others probably won’t agree with, but that they will be the right decisions for us at the time.