I came into SHARP in November last year. How I got here is heartbreaking, my six year old son found me after I had combined a handful of sleeping pills with alcohol. I had just found out that my husband was having an affair.

I decided to come to SHARP because I knew David Collins the owner. I also feel immensely safe here.

When I left SHARP I stayed clean for nine months, but after an operation, the doctor offered me sleeping pills and I took them. That’s when I relapsed (a week ago). I came back to SHARP immediately because I learnt valuable tools here. While in rehab I had to face my husband leaving me and being away from my kids. This time round, I want to refresh the coping skills I learnt here. This relapse has affected me badly. I feel like I’ve let my whole family down. I was so close to my one year of being clean. I need to take it seriously and recommit to the Narcotics Anonymous programme.

Coming to the day programme offers me a diverse experience from the psychological, medical and emotional groups I attend. I was in another rehab last year and there was definitely something missing. I feel safe at SHARP, despite the last nine months being the roughest and toughest of my 37 years. Doing the programme has given me the tools I need to deal with what I’ve had to face.”