I have posted this talk so that we can start to rebuild SA and start to address the high crime rates in this country by welcoming home the marginalized that have been impacted by the war on drugs. This is a great TED talk I suggest you watch it , why? because your kids will and other members of your community will….

We at The Foundation Clinic have been changing  our whole treatment philosophy over the past 3 years. Hence the name change to SHARP Recovery Solutions we did this as I have come to realize what we have been doing for years we could be doing so much better. The big addiction problem in our society are the legal drugs : Alcohol , Nicotine, Sugar they are our biggest killers  that we know that is why we need Recovery Wellness solutions … When we talk about the illegal drugs people seem to not know how to respond and they palm of the problem..send them to rehab, church Jail or even a 12 step meeting of some sort…

If you want to fix the crime in this country we have to unite and start to talk about the problem, drug addicts are not bad people, they are not sick people… they are just people!!!!!. Before we start to talk about the solution we need to learn how to listen… not to listen with a closed ear (level 1 listening) but at a much deeper level. And if you are in recovery yourself … WHAT WORKED FOR YOU DOESN’T MEAN IT WILL WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!! for us the best way to recover is to educate your mind , so you can rewire your brain and become powerful and not powerless!!!!

Enjoy the talk…Dislexic David