I arrived at The Foundation Clinic naturally feeling hopeless and useless. I had no expectations but what I got out of the experience was beyond what I wanted. I felt supported and understood. This experience has empowered me. It was a spiritual journey. The love and commitment from the treatment and coaching staff was tangible. I’ve met scores of amazing people and come out exceptionally positive and excited about a clean and sober life. The Foundation Clinic changed my life 5 years ago when it helped my mother, and now I believe that it has done it again.

I leave the facility with great gratitude and new found inspiration and ambition.

The Foundation Clinic showed me how a routine life can be exciting and conducive to greater things.

I am grateful for the amazing experience.

Heike | June, 2016

Wow, I don’t even have the right amount of words to tell all of you – all the gratitude, respect, love, patience, humility, grace, understanding, tolerance, joy, generosity, hope, wisdom and trust have in you!!! Sjoe, you picked me up from a very dark, depressed, lonely,  horrified, desperate place! I had so much anger, guilt, shame and pain & sadness in me!! You all stood by me to see not the light out there in the world and painting the outside like a rainbow and sunshine feature, but to rather see the light, rainbow and sunshine from within me! Thank you Foundation Clinic for believing in me again and for putting that belief in myself again, why?? Because: I am honest, I have courage, and I had had enough!! Love and respect always xxx

Hester | April, 2016

Coming into The Foundation Clinic, I was a “broken” man. I was emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. My life was a mess and I had absolutely no direction. It was so bad that my counselor told me a harsh and true reality – the fact that I was basically drinking and using to die. Now that is the kind of true and shocking feedback that you get from the staff at this facility. It is that blatant honesty that made me realize and understand exactly what my life had become. Now sitting here of my final day in treatment, I am still amazed at how far I have come in my personal and spiritual grown. I have been given all the tools to make and change my life for the better. One of my counselors said to me that this 21 days is a journey of discovery and discover I sure have. It is now up to me to implement everything I have learnt into my daily life. So I would like to thank all the staff at The Foundation Clinic for their guidance and insight with this disease I have, and look forward to many more interactions with you.

Martin | July, 2016

The first thing that had a huge impact on me at The Foundation Clinic was the level of respect that I received from everyone; my fellow housemates; the counselors; the therapists; the cleaning staff; the nursing staff and security. My previous encounters with rehab centers always led me to believe that I am a terrible, selfish person and should dwell on my guilt and shame. Having been shown that I am a worthy person, my recover at The Foundation Clinic has been built on a solid foundation. My counselors have been so insightful that I have uncovered answers about myself that I have spent most of my life searching for. I have gained a fresh perspective on my life and have uncovered the roots of my most prominent character defects. I have rediscovered the importance of meditation to achieve new levels of relaxation and clarity. I feel like I am finally able to forgive my father, which frees me from a lot of resentment and debilitating depression. My self-confidence has grown exponentially and daily affirmations have revealed my true worth to me. During active addiction, my deepest reflections revealed a barren wasteland. My purification has allowed a new life and love to bloom.

Michael | July, 2016

I have gained a lot of insight on how to deal with recovery. To me, working with David and the team allowed me to let go of my past – the guilt & shame that I was carrying. The anxiety and fear of relapse has decreased immensely.  The Foundation Clinic is where the magic of recovery was born and I got to witness my own spiritual awakening. I loved the approach used on how to deal with recovery and addiction. It will be superb if this approach can be taught to society at large.  I would like to thank everyone that worked with and showed me a new way to live.

Ntsikilelo | February, 2016

My heart is filled with appreciation, my mind with self-belief, my body with strength, and my soul with zest.  Please do not take these words lightly, as they are the very essence and the tools that you have equipped me with to go out into the world and grow from. You have allowed me the privilege of introspection, the wisdom of providing thought and the power of choice.  Through your teaching, questioning and constant support, I have made the most imperative choice for myself and for my future…I have chosen to not merely exist, but to live.  Words cannot describe the appreciation and gratitude I feel for all of you, The Foundation Clinic and all that it stands for.
So I wish you love, laughter and longevity for the years to come.

Shaun | January, 2016

At first I thought that I had made a mistake by coming here. I thought I had no problem. I wanted to leave a few times, but after starting the program, i really could see that it was working. I really do appreciate everything that The Foundation Clinic has done for me and my family. Thank you guys for giving me my life back. I have learnt that I will always be an addict but now thanks to The Foundation Clinic I have tools to work through it and stay on the path of recovery. I really do thank you all.  Addiction is a brain disease that is manifested in compulsive consumption of mood / mind altering drugs. It is chronic. It lasts a lifetime. It cannot be cured. Once you have addiction, you cannot return to social use – it is a complete fantasy that keeps a recovering person vulnerable to relapse.

Jose | April, 2016

The Foundation Clinic appears to have a very progressive view of addiction and a wonderfully integrated program from the science of clinical psychology to softer therapies such as art therapy. If you cannot get into recovery from one door, others are available and from there, one can access the other parts. It’s also both pragmatic and at times even esoteric. It manages to be both broad and mid deep.  The staff are great, the facilities good too. The garden was my solace and a place of great beauty. The food is good too!

Jason | October, 2016

There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel since being admitted to The Foundation Clinic. I will however try my best to describe it.  I came to The Foundation Clinic in desperate need of detox (or at least I thought). I was welcomed very politely by the staff after my interview.   There was a warm welcome and I am so blessed to be with some of the most fantastic people one could possibly find. We got along very well. Within 2 days I was settled in. As time went on, I found some type of relation to each of them. We connected in a way that in a way I had never before been able to connect. The “connection” was a disease, a disease that was slowly killing us in more than one way. For the first time in my life, I never felt “alone”.

With each class I attended, it all became clearer and with each therapy session it all began to make sense. The answer I had been searching for my entire life – I found at The Foundation Clinic.  I’ve finally found peace by the grace of my Higher Power whom I believe to be my living God. For the first time, I am able to connect with my 1 year old daughter.  I was at The Foundation Clinic when she took her first steps at home, and I was here when she celebrated her first birthday. I say this with no regrets, but instead with gratitude in my heart I say thank you to all staff at The Foundation Clinic for their guidance so that I am able to spend the rest of my life, being the best mother I could possibly be – IN SOBRIETY!

Melissa | May, 2016

When I came to The Foundation Clinic I felt down, depressed and very empty.  While I was here, I found my higher power and changed my way of thinking.  Now I have the power to move up and forward, to better my life and the lives that I will be a part of from here forward.  Thank you to everyone that made this happen!  I know that wherever I go, I will take what I have learned at The Foundation Clinic with me.  God Bless all of you, keep up the good work!

Kevin | July, 2016

I am extremely appreciative of my experience at Foundation Clinic; without a doubt this has changed my life. I found the different activities and classes to be well presented and meaningful, and the ways in which each of these could be worked as a whole was exceptional. Thank you!

Karryn | February 2017

Thanks to all the staff members for all the professional, friendly and loving help. I feel like a new man and ready to take on the world. I look forward to my recovery. Leaving with gratitude!

Nuno | February 2017

I had an amazing experience at the Foundation Clinic! I enjoyed the programme fully as it was totally new experience for me compared to other programmes I have attended and it was very beneficial to me. There are a lot of new tools I have taken from this programme and they suit the idea I have of my recovery. I feel that the tools I have learned here will work perfectly for the recovery lifestyle that I would like to enjoy in my life.

Ian | June 2017

My experience at the foundation was all round positive. I really appreciated the councilors compliments and I really found they went out of there way to assist me in my recovery. Dave’s groups where of the most drawing on emotion for me. I really started to identify my emotions in his classes. Thank you for the wonderful experience and the foundation of my recovery.

Jacques | March 2017
I arrived at the foundation in denial and through the program was shown where my problems were and how they had come about. I found he foundations interventions to be gentle but firm. A big step forward was made with me handling my recent loss. There were good interactions with rest of the housemates. Thank you for my time here.
Janet | June 2017

The programme’s greatest benefit to my recovery was the holistic approach of non-judgment. I was given the guidance and space to find my own answers and select the recovery capital which would best serve me outside the clinic. The coaches, classes and literature all encourage self-exploration and I found that extremely helpful. I received exactly what I came here for: my own answers to my individual problems. Thank you.

Lisa | March 2017

Your approach and open mindedness regarding my problem has given me a different point to work from no guilt and no shame only on how I can get better.Thanks for moving me to CBT as a lot off growth has taken place there. Thank you for showing me how to safe my life and take action.

Martin | March 2017

This has been a life changing experience, the teaching philosophy is empowering, unlike my previous experience at …, finding answers for myself makes them that much more acceptable. The tools provided and insight into my addiction have really stuck with me. I would highly recommend this facility, besides the first class learning experience, the staff and facility are exceptional. I am truly grateful that I was able to have The Foundation Clinic assist me with my recovery. Thank you.

Perry | March 2017

After Primary therapy at Akeso Alberton, I was excited to embark on the secondary stage of my recovery, and heard about the Foundation through an ex client of Akeso Alberton. I was pleasantly greeted by Dave who gave me a run down on how the programme was run as well as the tour of the facility. I was excited about how the facility was laid out, and more importantly their CBC programme approach.

It has been an amazing three weeks. Three weeks of discovering, three weeks of healing, three weeks of getting to know more about myself and three weeks of slowly letting down the guard, three weeks of making new associations, three weeks of love amongst strangers, tears amongst strangers…..
What a journey! A journey of a thousand miles that started but with that one step.

You guys make a great team and you do change lives!  I can carry on….Thank you for also helping me start thinking more about my kokorazashi.

Still blessed, Tina

Tina | May 2017

It was great being here and has a great positive energy around for us.  The staff and team are well educated and have sincere feelings towards our recovery and thank you for believing in me and motivating me in my recovery program by giving me all the tools I needed.

Adil | April 2018

I have had a very enlightening experience at the Foundation Clinic and it has been invaluable to my recovery as a whole. I appreciate everyone who was involved in my process through primary. I have made new, healthy friends and associations that I will treasure for years to come. I have the utmost humility about the recovery process and absolutely indebted to the Foundation Clinic for their role in my recovery and wellness. Thank you very much for the experience and lessons learnt.

Jade | February 2018

Growth in all aspects of my life, not only as therapy for addiction but spiritual maturity and learning to connect with self and the higher power, meditating and loving myself .

Linda | May 2018

Amazing progressive approach to recovery. Passionate hard-working team.

Luke | June 2018

I loved and appreciated every moment i spent here!! The lessons with Leigh were very informative. Thanks Leigh, you’re an A grade teacher!! There’s absolutely nothing i can complain about. Thank you to everybody, Pius, the nursing staff, the security guards, as well as the coach and social worker. 10 out of 10!!!

Modupi | June 2018

I have enjoyed the programme and would highly recommend the Foundation Clinic to anyone including my friends. Thank you for the great experience and for sharing your knowledge with me.

Natalie | June 2018

A very warm and positive welcome from all staff members including security. A positive energy around the house. All coaches and therapist were extremely patient and willing to help. A very pleasant stay. Keep up the good work.

Junaid | June 2018

=Upon entering I was met by Leigh-Ann who welcomed me into the programme with a full understanding to what is expected through out my stay at the Foundation Clinic and got to know my story before being admitted. Leigh-Anne’s classes were amazing I learnt the most through her, that gave me a broad understanding of where my life went wrong, through that I took notes and placed it into a life programme in which I intend to take with me through the rest of my life. What I found amazing was that it was not just about my drug addiction, it was more about sorting out my life from the time of existence and how to better my life which was my priority. Overall the programme was amazing best experience of my life the food was amazing, the company I had, the staff which include Dave, Pius, Donna, Judith the nurses and security were incredible.

Thank you for all you have helped me with I would definitely recommend the Foundation Clinic to the rest of my addicted friends!

Chris | July 2018

My experience was absolutely wonderful. The staff were very friendly and the facilities were impeccable. It was honestly a life changing experience. The knowledge acquired over the 3 weeks has been priceless. Big thank you to every single person involved with the Foundation Clinic.

Kamo | July 2018

I could not think of a better environment to start my recovery in , the surrounding promotes interaction and personal growth , the classes help you find your own answers and essentially help yourself , I’m very pleased with being here and think it was the best decision of my life.

Patrick | July 2018

Our clinic, which only accommodates 24 inpatients, is focused on developing supportive relationships with our clients and their families.  The multidisciplinary approach to treatment, means that each patient’s case is addressed and managed on an individualised basis.  Family involvement is central to treatment, recovery and wellness for the individual as well as their support network.

Emphasis is placed on understanding the patient’s #RecoveryCapital, their unique set of internal and external resources, that will support their recovery and developing a treatment and recovery plan based on this.  The maximum amount of patients in any programme is kept to ten, so that our therapeutic and clinical team get to interact with patients regularly with a deepened knowledge and understanding of their personal situation.