Pay for Addiction Rehab with Bitcoins

The world is changing so should Addiction treatment – SHARP Recovery Solutions offers substance abuse treatment and addiction recovery wellness programme that can now be paid for with BitCoins.

Happy New year to all our beloved clients, patient, pill poppers , alcoholics drug addicts etc etc….. whatever you want to label yourselves. We at SHARP Recovery Solutions have been working in the Addiction treatment field since 2001 and one of our biggest challenges in the South African context is to provide effective great quality treatment that WORKS.  Over the years we have developed various treatment options that are tailor made for our clients, their family and the workforce that they work in.

Sometimes we have been seen as controversial or just plain nutty and other times our approach has been used as best practice. One thing for sure is that we have had a lot of experience as to what works and what doesn’t.

What works for our clients and the population as a whole is….

1: Rapport with the client….. If you are unable to build rapport with your client as a professional doctor , nurse, therapist, sponsor, recovery coach, psychologist or psychiatrist then your clients ability to heal will be hampered…

2: Environment….. The environment needs to be conducive to the recovery process…. Healthy environments create healthy outcomes…

3: Professionalism and best practice …. need I say more on this… we deal with people lives and this should never be compromised…

4: Systemic perspective….. We work with a systemic problem and need to work as a functioning system… therefor we create a environment where our clients learn to take responsibility for the choices they make ..

Anyway to cut a long story short…. THIS ALL COSTS MONEY….So even though we are covered by medical aid we still need to charge a self payment gap for all the additional services  so to assist our clients we have decided that our clients can pay for treatment using their BIT COINS…..If you could buy drugs with Bit Coins why not rehab……. please call 011 728 9200 for a quote or if you would like to chat to me directly feel free to contact me on 083 288 0309….. All our services can be covered by Bit Coins you will just need to speak to me first….

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