The accessibility of the SHARP team is outstanding and this kind of personal drug rehab interaction exceeds that of other facilities I have been to!!! SHARP is a ‘home-away-from-home’..

I felt secure in my emotional and physical capacity from the moment I enter the centre. The counselling groups are run by extremely wise and talented counsellors. Taine is an exceptional group facilitator and has a way of bringing the best out of the clients- this I have experienced personally. The essence of community is real when I come to visit my fellow housemates over weekends. The in house meetings are engaging and insightful. Everyone (from the therapeutic team to the ground staff) contribute to some level. The itinerary has been set up in such a way, that living life normally after treatment is doable. We are taught life skills, both in identifying our behaviours, to breaking the cycle of substance abuse. Workshops are offered to around relationship building, different life skills and support is also offered to the families as well (Family Support Groups). Professionals at this personal drug rehab offer skill-based workshops to describe the impacts of addiction (the chemistry and science), as well as trauma. These insights enable those of us in recovery to stay clean and live freely.


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