PTSD Counselling could help you understand how to deal with a traumatic experience in the past. A person can really experience one or more events that are traumatic for them which may or may not result to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However; an event that is traumatic for one person can really not be traumatic for another, really what is addressed is an individual’s emotional capacity to deal with the event that they go through. For instance, two different people can experience more or less the same scenario or event, but really deal with the emotional impact at different levels or degrees.

There are various therapeutic interventions one could allow themselves to experience when they have gone through a traumatic event in their lives, such as seeing a Psychologist, a Social worker, a counsellor or a spiritual guide; whatever really resonates well with the particular person. This then becomes a gradual process for the individual to start addressing the feelings that they are currently experiencing, the effects the trauma has had on their lives, their loved ones, their responsibilities and in some case their desire to live. A professional worker would address the core problem of the particular person in distress to cope with everyday life by utilizing positive and constructive coping mechanisms that will be effective in the everyday life.

There is a light at the end of this painful and difficult process that people go through when they start talking about their trauma, however I have seen the benefits that it has had on people who work on a program that allows them the space to address the trauma and the distressing feelings that they have carried for a duration of time. One really redefines who they are and creates themselves anew by turning their weaknesses into strengths. One typical example that comes to mind is someone who comes from an abusive family dynamic from early childhood, experiencing a series of traumatic events in the life and this amongst many other factors relating to coping with life by abusing substances such as drugs or alcohol. Through rehabilitation, therapy or other preferred interventions that same individual would find themselves becoming a recovering addiction specialist where they would help many other people who have walked in the same or similar shoes that they have walked in. So in turn, his/her traumatic experience has really in turn become a triumphant celebration and growth by using their history, experience and knowledge to empower, teach and support those currently living with the pandemic of substance abuse. It becomes a true Journey as I would call it. Dealing with trauma is a choice, there are ways and one can define what they want to get out of their suffering and learn new ways of living a life of “normality” according to their own personal needs.


Busi Masuku
Head of Treatment Centre
Social Worker
Sharp Treatment Centre, 41 Pretoria Street, Oaklands. Johannesburg