Your own personal recovery coach

You will work with your own personal recovery coach. Someone you can build a trusting relationship with. Your coach not only has the training to help you get the best out of your recovery process, but is also an addiction-treatment professional, and some coaches are in recovery themselves. They understand where you are coming from and never judge. Your coach will actively support you in your recovery, through the coaching sessions which are held at the SHARP Treatment Centre, over the telephone or at a location that suits both you and the coach. This can be at your office, home or wherever you both agree to meet.

Understanding addiction

What we know for sure is that we get into drugs and alcohol and other forms of addiction because they make us feel better. While it can be a form of escape it’s also simply about getting high. Eventually though the thing that makes us feel good starts to create problems, and that’s not so good. Sometimes we can fight the urge to get a high for a time, but we also have to deal with what’s going on in our heads and the emptiness that comes with the thought of never using again.