“I wrote this letter because I am very grateful for your support. I learnt so much here, to help me through my journey in recovery. I learnt many assets to help me, assets I never knew I had.
The counsellors are very helpful, loving , supportive and friendly. Everyone (Taine, Kylie, Muhamed, Busi, Judith, Sakkie and Etienne) and the Recovery Coaching team from the rehab in johannesburg, played a role in my life. You guys/girls were all there for support,
when I got angry, sad, happy. When I feel like recovery is getting too tough, you were there to give me a pat on the back, gave encouragement not to give up and hang in there.
I wish I could write something about each one of you, but I do not want to pick any favourites…. Each one knows what part they played in my life.
I miss all the laughter, the meetings, some fights etc., I experienced here. Nothing can replace what I got here.
To all the staff, the nurses, security and all the kitchen staff, thank you for the food and medicine. I am going to miss it….
AJ (18 years)”- May 2013
thanks rehab johannesburg

A big Thank you