SHARP Recovery Solutions - Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

SHARP Recovery Solutions –
Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

Whether you will be entering the rehab centre yourself or one of your loved ones will be spending time there, you must wonder what being a patient in the rehab centre is all about. For many people this can be a bit frightening, so understanding what the programme is and how it will work can help to relieve a bit of anxiety and help you to feel just a bit more confident when the day comes.

A rehab centre will combine effective inpatient programs with follow-up outpatient treatment to ensure that the patient gets the full amount of support they need to overcome their addiction in the long term. Many programmes start a patient in an inpatient program that combines effective group therapy sessions, along with mentoring and education, to help the patient uncover the problems that led to the addiction in the first place. They also provide them with the necessary tools to manage the addiction in the now. When you first enter the rehab centre you will go through a period of detox. During this period your mentoring and classes will most likely be the most intense. A rehab centre may also limit your contact with the outside world during this time to help you focus just on you and the obstacles you are trying to overcome.

Once you have completed the detox portion of your treatment, you will enter a residential program where you will work with experienced counsellors both in a supportive group setting as well as one-on-one. Most residential programmes in a rehab centre include a number of workshops that are aimed at teaching you to work through the individual behaviours and scenarios that can cause you to fall back into your addiction. The overall goal of an inpatient program is to help you have all the tools you need to break the cycle of addiction and to learn new coping mechanisms, so that when you go back out in the world you can be successful in maintaining your sobriety. The purpose of a rehab centre is that you become a stronger individual and gain the support you need to be successful. A rehab centre will also have an outpatient program as well as a family program.

The purpose of these programmes is to insure your success once you step out of the rehab centre. The inpatient program will continue to provide you with tools and accountability, as well as the support of experienced counsellors and the support of those that have walked this road before you. A family program extends the recovery to the family members who may also need counselling to break out of the patterns of enabling and to help the family move forward with you.

If you live in South Africa and need a rehab centre, SHARP Treatment combines innovative methods with one-on-one mentoring to provide you with the necessary tools for your success. If you would like more information about their program then visit the SHARP Treatment website at