If you have realised that your drug or alcohol addiction has had a negative impact on your life and in the lives of your family and friends, SHARP Treatment Centre, a rehab facility in Johannesburg, South Africa may hold the answer to your problems and be the solution needed to change your life.

The Centre is licensed under the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act of 1992.  For the person struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, SHARP Treatment is not just another rehab center, it provides addiction counselling which is totally different from other treatment programmes.

Our treatment focuses on the client’s personal goals and will not force addicts to recall hurtful and painful memories. Instead, the Centre has developed one-on-one interaction counselling. Once a treatment session is completed, the individual struggling with an addiction, is equipped with the tools he or she needs to beat the addiction and can look forward to a better and happier life.

Unlike other rehab facilities, SHARP Treatment offers a guarantee of success. Our rehab center is spotless and the nurturing atmosphere of the center is a vital part of the recovery process.

During treatment, residents are assigned a personal recovery coach, who will guide them through the recovery process. A large number of our counsellors are themselves recovering addicts, and are able to share their own personal experiences and offer firsthand knowledge of their own recovery. The rehab center in South Africa offers the residents individual therapy, daily group therapy, leisure activities, and a wellbeing program, which includes swimming and tennis. In addition, medical and pyschiatric support staff are on hand both during and after the rehab treatment.

View the Sharp Treatment website, www.sharptreatment.com, and let our experienced rehab counsellors provide the assistance needed to achieve the long term goal of non-dependence.