Residential (Inpatient) Programme

SHARP is unique in that it offers long-term residential treatment. Once you’ve completed an initial detoxification or primary programme (now also available at SHARP), you take up residence at the centre where you are involved in supportive group discussions, individual therapy sessions, workshops and more. Once you feel able, you can return to work during the day and come back to the SHARP residence at night. This is also the basis of the outpatient programme.

“SHARP is a place for you to gather your strength, to feel supported, and to come back to at the end of each day while you take those first steps on your own.”

– Stasi, previous resident at SHARP

Choosing the Correct Rehab Centre

You may need a rehab centre in Johannesburg for yourself or for a loved one, but you wonder which one is the best – with the highest chance of success. Choosing the right rehab centre is a difficult, but very important process. Nobody wants to make the wrong decision –  there is far too much is riding on it. All rehab centres are different, so do some serious research before you choose. Addiction recovery is a very difficult process; for some addicts it may take several tries before they are successful. This means the better the rehab you find, the better the chance of success the first time around.

One of the first and most important points when choosing a rehab programme is to make sure that the programme has an excellent follow-up programme, after inpatient residential treatment. Whether it is long-term residential or an extensive outpatient treatment, good follow-up will help to ensure long-term success and recovery.

Finding a programme that offers both group and individualised care is also important, as a combination of both approaches provides the most effective treatment for drug or alcohol rehab. Group care provides a reality check; it allows addicts to realise that what they are struggling with is not unique to them and provides support in the form of relationships with those that are walking the same path. Individual care is more focused on the individual and what they specifically need for their personal recovery. This covers the reasons for their addiction as well as the tools they need to stay clean.

Look for a rehab centre that makes the extra effort to provide a warm and caring environment; this type of environment is essential to the success of their patients. Recovering from addiction can bring so many problems of its own the patient needs a non-judgmental, supportive environment to be able to examine what they are going through.

A rehab centre should also provide ample family follow-up care, not only for the sake of the family members, but for the addict too. Studies have shown that when the family is treated along with the addict, their chances of success increase. This is not a solitary disease but can, and does, affect the entire family unit.

Do not judge the rehab centre by cost alone. While cost will of course affect the choice you make, don’t make the mistake of thinking that cost is a determining factor of the success or quality of the centre. There are many overpriced clinics out there, and their only claim to fame is the people who have walked through their doors. Take time to look over their programme and look at their success rate, as well as how good of a fit they are for each individual.

If you are looking for a good rehab centre then have a look at SHARP Treatment, they provide a supportive and relaxing family atmosphere alongside proven methods of treatment, to give you or your loved one the tools they need for success.