When woman with alcohol addiction face serious challenges with regards to their health and well being. Serious health concerns alcohol has on women include depression, cancer, neurological problems, social issues, psychological problems, as well as cardiovascular and neurological issues. Women face these type of health issues far earlier than men do. When women abuse alcohol they face more cognitive skills damage than men do.

Studies have revealed that regardless of weight and height differences, alcohol affects women far quicker on average than men. Women that consumed the same amount of alcohol as a man, felt the effects far quicker, and were found to have a much higher blood alcohol level and remained intoxicated for much longer. The reason being is that women have a much higher fat to water ratio than men.

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Keep an eye on Your Drinking

A woman retains more alcohol in their body for longer periods as fat does not dilute alcohol, where as men have more water of which dilutes the alcohol. Due to this fact, serious health concerns alcohol has on women is that they are more vulnerable to organ damage even with lower alcohol levels over much shorter periods, which puts them at risk of becoming alcoholics.

When pregnant or breastfeeding, one should not consume any alcohol as it does have an impact on an unborn and newborn. One of the most serious effects caused by alcohol addiction while pregnant is foetal alcohol syndrome. Women that consume a lot of alcohol also tend to be overweight, which puts them at risk of developing diabetes.

Excessive alcohol addiction deprives the body of immune boosting nutrients, and the production of white cells which defends the body against disease and illness. One of the most serious health concerns alcohol has on women is that they are more likely to abuse alcohol and other substances to relieve themselves of anxiety, depression and stress and use alcohol to help them cope with emotional difficulties. In addition when they become dependent on alcohol they are at an increased risk of stroke, cancer, hypertension and in some instances suicide.