SEX Addiction Treatment.


After substance abuse treatment  the addiction personality as I would now like to call it can often raise its head in the form of a secondary obsession like sex addiction. I know that when I have been hooked into the world of porn that I can spend hours and hours clicking away. Addiction is about obsession recovery is about wellness. Thats the reason we at sharp have startesd a 21 day recovery wellness programme for  people that find themselves in the predicament of putting down the drink and drugs and need more.


Recovery is a process where there is still great misunderstanding  and often for our clients  feel misunderstood and not heard. In addition to this problem treatment facilities often feel that they have the answers for the client and will often back that up with medical research. I personally view this with caution as to the motive around keeping someone sick is good for the bank balance. However, contary to that people our clients will often use the same statement to keep themselves carrying on with the dysfunctional behavior. Once I found out I had the disease of addiction back in 1993 , I spent the next 3 years using it as a justification to carry on my destructive behavior.


We know 3 thing – 1: The Addictive personality – Narsastic , selfish , borderline personality disorder , that is impulsive , manipulative  and anti-social at the core – (So those boring bastards will say… I think we are great , kind, intelligent, funny caring people to  people to hang around with.)

2: – That Substance Abuse Disorder is a Brain disease – This is what the medical profession is telling us and that a some point because our brains are wired differently  we react differently to chemicals. We are alergic to our obsession of choice – Drugs , Alcohol, porn, sex gambling. our children, careers, cycling , eating corn flakes , talking about crime….. the list goes on and on.

3: That there needs to be some kind if spiritual transformation for sustained recovery – this is the moral perspective… Good vs Bad behaivour .. how people should behave… so when you are in recovery you should behaive in a certain way. For example as I am dislexic on some level and If i talk about it somehow i am being unprofessional or sending out the wrong message….

Ok now im bored…so here is a Russel brand link .. an advocate for recovery…talking about sex prostitution and the impact on the client…


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