Stress can cause one to become seriously ill and by taking small steps you can combat stress. Aromatherapy oils can provide stress relief and make you feel good as these oils are produced from plant materials that have been distilled. The two main ways essential oils are used in aromatherapy is application and inhalation. You can place a few drops of essential oil on a tissue and inhale it or make up a steam bath and add a few drops. One can also apply a few drops on cotton wool and wear it as a healing perfume.

Essential oils can be added to lotions, soap, massage oil, creams and body gels. Make up a therapeutic application by adding a few drops to your bath or foot spa. However it is not only relaxation that is needed when dealing with stress, due to your lack of energy you will need a pick e up. Stress and irritability go hand in hand and citrus essential oils are great for stress relief making you feel more cheerful.

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Aromatherapy for Stress

There is no right or wrong essential oils that can provide stress relief, so always smell the oils first and the ones that appeal most are the oils you should be using. When smelling the various oils they will affect your mood, thoughts and emotions, and the ones that make you feel warm and comfortable are the ones best suited to your needs.

Various aromatherapy oils sooth stress and make you feel good and will bring up memories that are unique to you. Essential oils have an effect on the mind and trigger reactions in the brains limbic system which in turn influences the immune, nervous and endocrine systems. The best oils that provide a soothing effect are Ylang-Ylang, peppermint, eucalyptus, orange, lavender and marjoram.

One can reduce stress by treating the specific physical problems, as the effects of stress on your health are determined by how you deal with it. Not only do aromatherapy oils provide stress relief and make you feel good they also provide actions such as an anti inflammatory, antibacterial, and analgesic and offer deep healing.