Sex addiction treatment – SHARP Self Help Addiction Recovery Programme- Consider The SHARP Recovery Coaching 21 Day evening programme as a solution

Morning all interested in my blogging…


today i have been researching trends and what words to use to get people to see the sharp treatment center web site appear in the search engins. to do this i went to google and compared words this is what I got.

Sex addiction treatment beats addiction treatment .

Sex addiction treatment beats addiction treatment .

so  the results are as follows.

if your looking for substance abuse treatment center in Johannesburg, you would be better off using the term addiction treatment as a key word … but if you really wanted to get up there you should advirtise Sex addiction treatment. (btw the way we cover that in our recovery coaching wellness programme… it is of course a basic human need like food) you will get more hits…. looks like wankers are beating junkies (no pun intended)…. love you all dislexic david.