My Treatment Experience | Sean McMahon

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child and after a couple months my mom took me off the medication because she believed it changed my personality too much. Later on in life, at the age of about 35, I was again diagnosed and starting taking medication…

Black Widow | Part 7 |Antidote...Finale | By Taryn

But...even though death awaited me...I still returned. In a sickening desperation, I still sought out the 'World of the Machines' - yet while doing so I became more lost, distancing myself from whatever mattered to me. 'The Web' in which…

What Do I Choose!?

This post was originally published on my personal blog:, but I wanted to share it with The SHARP Followers.  Enjoy the post and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Sometimes life is extremely…

Black Widow | Part 5 - Numb| By Taryn

Okay…ENOUGH!!...of the bullshit fairy tale…ENOUGH of the "James Bond chick"…that ended. Anger, wrath & bitterness grew within me toward 'Black Widow' Slot/Slut machine. I somehow needed vengeance. SHE had not only STOLEN my money,…

Black Widow | Part 4 - Venom | By Taryn

After that night, I never waited for *Brouke or anyone else to suggest going to the casino ... why would I want someone hanging over my shoulder; breathing down neck anyway. As her 'venom' began pulsing through my veins, my every thought…

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21-Day Outpatient Programme

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6-Week Inpatient Programme

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21-Day Inpatient Primary Programme

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