Why is Early Recovery So Difficult?

I was recently asked to do a guest post for Addictionology on why people find early recovery so difficult!?  It really didn't take me too long to think of a multitude of reasons, myself having white-knuckled my early recovery some years ago.…

One Way Ticket to Relapse City!?

There are so many people and things that have helped me along the road to recovery.  The people I have to thank for their love and support are numerous and they know who they are, because I’ve made it my business to keep them close and show…


There's something that I really want to talk about today, and I fear that isn't going to win me a popularity contest in the world of recovery.  But sometimes it's important to speak up on issues that have such an impact on our lives and those…
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Rehab Centre

Whether you will be entering the rehab centre yourself or one of your loved ones will be spending time there, you must wonder what being a patient in the rehab centre is all about. For many people this can be a bit frightening, so understanding…

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24-Day Inpatient Primary Programme

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Medical Detox

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