Now that I've do I stay stopped!?

I meet so many people who have stopped!  Stopped drinking..stopped using drugs...stopped addictive behaviour...and they truly want to stay there.  But there is a vast divide, the Grand Canyon of good intentions, that separates wanting and…
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The 12-Step Cafe | Recovery and a Coffee!?

The 12-Step Cafe, operated by George, is a wonderful place to create and build #RecoveryCapital.  The cafe serves light meals and snacks during the day, as well as a variety of hot and cold drinks.  The ethos of the cafe at The Foundation…

What is #RecoveryCapital?

As a person in long-term recovery as well as a coach that works with individuals and groups around substance abuse and addictive behaviour disorders, I sometimes find the amount of ideas, thought, theories and models around addiction and recovery…

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21-Day Outpatient Programme

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21-Day Inpatient Primary Programme

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