South Africa’s current environment challenges our youth in terms of them exploring their full potential. TARP@SHARP creates a safe place for youngsters to express themselves in a non-judgemental environment.

The SHARP Teen Addiction Recovery Programme (TARP) is designed for troubled adolescents. We specialise in substance and chemical abuse, behaviour disorders and self-mutilation.

TARP is a six week programme which is out-patient based this allows youngsters to still attend to their studies including allocated time for homework.The programme starts at 16H30 and concludes at 19H30 running from a Monday to a Friday.

The programme includes:

  • self-awareness,
  • skills building,
  • relapse prevention,
  • art therapy and
  • Community service.

TARP is based on the twelve-step programme which is a spiritual programme focused on the disease concept.The team is multi-disciplinary consisting of social workers, psychologists’ adolescent counsellors and addiction counsellors.

The cost is R8000.00.