(S.K- 35)

“I was in a drug treatment facility over 13 years ago and worked my recovery using 12 Steps, but this was not on a continual basis. Even though I was reluctant to re-enter rehab after so long and came in with strong convictions, through the guidance of a friend, eventually I found my way to SHARP. Due to financial restraints, I could not stay longer at the facility. But, I found myself and still do in aftercare, putting in more work and being more open, because it has enabled me to think differently. It has also enabled me to discover my strengths and weakness’ about myself. The aftercare that is offered after leaving the facility is highly beneficial. I have been taught how to provide self-support and care during my time out of rehab. The literature, professionalism, the group discussions and other tools offered at the facility are uniquely applied to assist us clients in identifying our problems, learning more about ourselves and doing what is needed in order to sustain sobriety. Thank you to the counsellors and the staff for guiding me and teaching me how to live again”.- May 2013