When is comes to any type of addiction, those who manage to recover fully have a great deal to be thankful and be grateful for sobriety. Overcoming an addiction means you have escaped a possible death sentence and you have another chance in life to look forward to. You can turn your life around and live your dreams, and those that remain grateful for sobriety are likely to be the most successful.

Showing gratitude expresses a feeling of thankfulness for your new freedom and escape from addiction. Humans have a tendency to take things and life for granted. Keeping a record of events that you feel grateful for will ensure you stay positive and strive not to relapse, as when you take your recovery for granted you are almost destined to lose it.

There are many positive benefits keeping a gratitude list while in recovery which will also help you maintain a positive attitude. You need to keep thinking about the good things you have achieved in your life which will help you retain a positive attitude. You are far less likely to have a relapse if you are grateful for sobriety and grateful for what you currently have in your life.

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Always Be Grateful

If you have a gratitude list, and you start having thoughts of relapse, you can read your list which will remind you of all the things you may have to lose. A gratitude list is a great reminder of all the things you have to feel great about, never overlook that. Such a list is also a great way for you to gauge your progress. Being sober means your suffering has come to an end and this is something to grateful for.

Being grateful for sobriety is something precious and worth fighting for and continued gratitude will keep you motivated to keep doing the right things. You can also start up a spiritual diary and record your thoughts and experiences while getting back on the road to a spiritual path. While in recovery, and making an effort to get back into physical shape, record all your efforts as all these are things to be grateful for.