Our approach to treatment & recovery

The Foundation Clinic, which only accommodates 24 inpatients, is focused on developing supportive relationships with our clients and their families. The environment is healing and supportive, yet challenges clients to move beyond their current realities and create long-term, sustainable recovery and wellness.

The multidisciplinary approach to treatment, means that each patient’s case is addressed and managed on an individual basis.  Family involvement is central to treatment, recovery and wellness for the individual as well as their support network.

Emphasis is placed on understanding and developing the client’s #RecoveryCapital; their unique set of internal and external resources.  These mental, emotional, social, spiritual and physical assets will support their recovery and assist us in collaborating on the most effective and sustainable treatment and recovery plan.

The maximum amount of patients in any programme is kept to about 12, so that our therapeutic,coaching and clinical team get to interact with patients regularly with a deepened knowledge and understanding of their personal situation.

Our Approach to Treatment & Recovery

The Foundation Clinic offers an environment that is caring and compassionate, and centred around adult education, cognitive behavioural therapy and coaching, and peer support.  The clinic is set up as a communal home, with clients sharing daily duties and being part of the running of a home.

The clinic is licensed with the Departments of Health and Social Development to accommodate 24 patients from detox, through primary and secondary treatment, as well as reintegration into independent and sober living in the halfway house.  Over the weekend the house becomes more independent which allows clients the opportunity to share living duties and responsibilities with one another, taking part in cooking and cleaning, as well as keeping the house’s routine running smoothly. The is overseen by residential staff.

During the week, the educational groups are balanced with process work, as well as sessions focusing on physical well-being.   Clients also receive individual therapy with a clinical social worker and are supported in their post-treatment plans by a certified, professional recovery coach.

Groups and sessions in the inpatient & recovery reintegration programme include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Psycho Education
  • The Recovery Brain
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Trauma Counselling
  • Therapeutic Process Groups
  • Recovery Tools and Resources
  • Educational Videos
  • Life Story
  • Nutrition & Fitness Coaching
  • Movement & Dance
  • Logo-Jitsu

The Recovery Wellness Programme is also an essential part of clients’ recovery and wellness process.  This allows the clients the opportunity to integrate into their outpatient and aftercare programme during their primary and/or secondary treatment.  Families are invited to join the meeting on a Wednesday from 4:00 – 6:00pm to focus on creating personal support that is important for systemic, family wellness.  Families and clients have access to this programme for 12 months as part of the clinic’s commitment to long-term, continued support.

In the evenings the clients attend independently-chaired 12-step meetings on the property including, AA, NA & CA.  There are also CODA & SAA meetings on the property.  There are a couple of recovery support groups in the evenings which are open meetings to support anyone who is looking for ongoing support.  Anyone in recovery is welcome to join the evening groups that are hosted at The Foundation Clinic.


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