Creating a long-term continuum of care

The Foundation Clinic has opened up eight halfway house beds as part of our focus on long-term support & care for our clients.  The focus is to assist individuals in creating resources for themselves in the early stages of recovery and reintegrate into their personal & professional environments in a responsive and accountable way.  Living in the house will be supportive of ongoing care &andrecovery support, while individuals develop and embody their learning, practices and skills acquired in their treatment programmes.

The aim  of Foundation House is to create a community that is recovery-orientated and focused on sustainable health & wellness.

There will be space for two females & six males in shared, en-suite accommodation.  The clients will also have access to our Recovery Wellness Ouptient Programme for the duration of their stay at the clinic, a professionally-run coaching, adult education and peer support group.

The general ethos of the clinic is that of compassion, care & authenticity, where clients take responsibility for the personal recovery within the rules & guidelines of the establishment.  The clinic is registered with the Departments of Health & Social Development.

Resident Information

Foundation House is on the beautiful property at 41 Pretoria Street, Oaklands.  The residents will have use of the grounds, swimming pool, gym, communal living areas & cafe as part of their accommodation.

The Halfway House fees will be R10,000/month and include:

Fees will be paid monthly in advance.  Residents will be subject to rules that ensure they are living in an environment that is fully supportive of ongoing recovery.  A full list of the rules, expectations and guidelines for residents can be found here: Foundation House – Rules & Guidelines CONTRACT

If you are interested in securing a place at Foundation House, please contact Leigh-Anne on (010)900-3131 or to make an appointment to discuss details and view the property.

Halfway House Inquiry