Having the right information from a drug rehab in Johannesburg will help you to understand and choose what is best for you. Regardless of where you live, and how long you have struggled with an addiction, help is always available. If you looking for assistance in finding a drug abuse rehabilitation program, the Sharp Recovery Centre has a long term residential addiction treatment on offer.

Drug abuse not only affects the life of the user but also their family. Without professional help, drug abuse can lead to potentially life threatening situations. However, there are professional treatment methods that can help addicts to overcome their addictions. Since 2009 illicit drug use has continued to rise and around 20% of South Africans have reported using illegal drugs.

Teenagers and even adults find life confusing and face difficulties that many people don’t understand. Many start taking drugs for these reasons. The first and foremost reason teens and adults takes drugs are because they experience emotions such as anger, and sadness, many are scared and then there is despair. Drugs numb emotional pain; however they do not take away feelings of despair, and this is something an addicts needs to understand.

What happens is that when the effects of drugs wear off, the person will feel even worse and in order to get back to that place of numbness they require another fix. This then becomes a vicious cycle that is very difficult to break. Trying to fit in and be cool with friends is another way that drug abuse starts, mainly because people do not really understand exactly how dangerous drugs are.

The program includes an inpatient program for 28 days, an 8 week secondary and tertiary care program and 8 week outpatient program. After completion of primary treatment, patients can receive ongoing treatment and support. The program includes family support, individual therapy regularly, group therapy, educational workshops and much more.

For the best professional treatment and support contact Sharp Centre today before you consider taking your next fix which may be the last thing you do.