The Power of Women

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Why do so many women try to change things: situations, other people, primarily their partners or spouses?  Perhaps we have forgotten who we are?

There is a Native American legend of the goddess of corn and maize known as Onatah.  Onatah is symbolic of life, transformation and fertility. The Navaho name “Onatah” means “earth daughter” or “of the earth”.  Traditionally, Onatah is considered one of the most beautiful of the native goddesses and according to legend, she is kidnapped every autumn by the god of the underworld who wants to marry her. Her arrest displays the lack of harvest at wintertime. Once she is rescued again by the king of earth, accompanied by the ground cracking open with his powers of light, he releases her to create abundance in the harvest, in summertime.

The legend of Onatah represents womanhood.   If she does not come out in the summer, the people will starve and the planet will eventually die. The value of women is significant. We are the pivotal womb of creation. The legend enunciates maternal sensitivity: Onatah is in touch with the earth, the whole, the oneness and all of its life-giving properties.

Equally powerful is manhood, the “balancing half” that offers an articulated mind with sound aptitude for reasoning and creation. Note the illustration “balancing half”; as two equally measured parts amount to “one whole”.   The scales of the feminine and masculine equilibrium are often intellectually verbalised but rarely understood. Hence our responses to outdated content held deeply in the collective psyche.

It is also a time to appropriate empathy for men. In spite of not fully comprehending their role in the world today, suggestive of female evolution, the challenge placed upon them to re-establish the masculine identity is great, perhaps daunting.

The energy held by female emotion has ferocious power. Female emotion is the driving force behind “motion” and manifestation in the world. Women inspire and men build. So, women have a huge responsibility to play in terms of sustainability.

Female relationships exist in many forms, not limited to their friends, family, spouses or children. We have a relationship with nature and the various “kingdoms” and material appliances, among other things. Our relationship with the world mimics our relationship with ourselves. The people and things that we recognise most are mirrors reflecting back to us. Observing the state of the planet today, it seems women have most certainly forgotten who they are!

We are powerful beings regardless of the discomfort often felt by negative emotion. What we carry is manifest in the outer layer drawing on the same power. We ought to be mindful of our emotional content to channel this energy wisely, thus producing sustainably intelligent results. Negative emotion is birthed by fear that is “without” love. And so, fear-based emotion manufactures shortage or lack, whereas loving emotion yields abundance. Be reminded though that anger, an offshoot of fear, does not cause war. It is rather unacknowledged anger that causes war. Therefore acknowledging negative emotion is enough to allow it to dissipate, thus transcending action into love.

But why do women experience so much negative emotion today?

Many views have been offered, yet intuitive suppression is fundamental in causing this phenomenon. Feminism and conforming to a globalised world is indicative in perpetuating this kind of imprisonment. Intuition is free and wild, a quality of un-anthropomorphised love that does not replicate itself. If we ignore the power of intuition, we do so at our own peril.  This is “reductive”.

It is not in trying to behave like men that we are powerful, but rather in realising our worth as women, from the inside. The latter realisation creates lasting relationships within oneself and on the planet. If you do not create a world that is true for you by doing what you love in alignment with your core strengths and values, you become desperate and frustrated. Indicatively we are told that we are depressed and we medicate to promote the illusion even further. Every pill swallowed helps to strengthen the void, affirming the idea that something is terribly wrong with us.

We are “whole abundant beings”, Onatahs of the earth. If we do not take conscious responsibility and avoid the source of negative emotion, we become cognitively dissonant. This in turn produces a ball and chain label, or a nagging, gossiping woman, because, it is far easier to dis’ someone else than it is to look inside. You attempt control where none exists because you have lost touch with your core self, your connection to source. This is what produces insecurity and ‘visceral stimulus-response’, which is to respond with emotional reaction rather than reasoned thought. And then we wonder why our partners have darted off with someone else. Both you and he no longer recognise who you are.

“Changing woman” is a nom de plume for Onatah, characteristic of the true female nature.  Mimicking society, others’ values, or fashion trends, is not liberating to the self or standing out from the crowd.  Every good writer knows that the source for inspiration is within. Allow your spirit to guide you to write your own life story: if you don’t, someone else will write it for you.

When things aren’t going the way you want them to, or you don’t quite know how they’ll turn out, accept it, because that’s when transformation happens. Real power lies in the dark unknown breaks of our lives, and gives spirit permission to reveal herself intuitively. It also helps you to look deep into the soul of human-ness with tenderness. Comparisons and judgements cannot survive in this space of unconditional love.

If women truly understood their inborn power and magnitude, their part to offer in the balance of nature, let alone human relationships, the world would have reached sustainability already.

What value are you bringing to the world today?

by Onatah, “life coach & medium”