SHARP Treatment is one of the many treatment centres in Johannesburg, South Africa; however, what makes this treatment centre unique is that it guarantees success.

The SHARP Treatment Centre is licensed under the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act of 1992 and treatments focus on the power of choices. As one of the most successful of treatment centres, SHARP Treatment is determined to offer the highest level of compassionate, as well as effective, treatment for addiction.

Our facility offers both primary and secondary care and the centre is run by experienced counsellors who have firsthand knowledge of addictions and the consequences addiction has in the lives of friends and family members of the addict. The programme gives residents the chance to see each day as a new beginning and core to the treatments is the chance to examine choices that have been made and choices that are still to be made. Our facilities are clean and nurturing, which is vital for those who are struggling with an addiction. If you are looking for an effective treatment centre, feel free to view the SHARP Treatment video via our website,, and give our professional counsellors, many of whom are in recovery themselves, the chance to help you on your journey to sobriety and a life which is free from the burden of addiction and dependence.

The founder of the treatment centre is David Collins. His vision was to create a treatment centre that was unlike another treatment centres, and which offered a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere. Unlike several other treatment centres, the SHARP Centre is all about nurturing and this allows residents of the centre to feel comfortable and receive the help they need to overcome their addictions. The treatments offered include: regular individual therapy; daily group therapy; many leisure activities; and a wellbeing program, which includes swimming, tennis and a sauna. Medical and psychiatric practitioners are on hand to provide support during the primary treatment phase and once the treatment has been completed.

An addiction will prevent you from reaching your full potential. Without help to overcome the addiction, addicts can never become the daughter, son, or husband, wife or friend which they were meant to be. Addiction doesn’t only affect the addict, has long-lasting affects on their family and friends, which is why, SHARP Treatment gives all families a voice to make their concerns and fears heard.

To find out what the SHARP Treatment facility has to offer, browse the website and discover how SHARP and its team of professional and experienced counsellors are able to make a difference in your life.