Professional, Progressive Treatment

The Foundation Clinic in Oaklands, Johannesburg is a residential substance abuse treatment and recovery clinic.  The beautiful gardens allow time to relax and reflect on learning, and the rooms are shared so that individuals become more aware of the impact of behaviour on one another.  The clinic also has a small gym, as well as a swimming pool and coffee shop.

Most programmes stat with a medically-assisted detox.  Clients are then orientated onto their programme depending whether they are in a primary or secondary phase of treatment.  The clinic also offers a long-term reintegration programme as well as a halfway house on the property.  Each client is assessed prior to treatment to make inividualised programme recommendations.

Full inpatient programmes all include a detox period as well as a year’s access to the outpatient and aftercare programme.

The team is made up of therapeutic, administrative and medical staff, with support staff on the property 24 hours a day.  This includes house management, nursing and security.  The therapeutic team consists of a clinical social worker, recovery coaches, an addiction counsellor and a trauma counsellor, as well as a nutrition and fitness coach, dance teacher, yoga & mediation teacher and a jujitsu & logo therapy teacher.  The diverse programme introduces clients to the building blocks of recovery and wellness through adult education, group processes, individual therapy and recovery coaching and an introduction to the 12-step programme.

Throughout the programme family and supporters are included in the process to ensure systemic recovery and wellness.  Families are encouraged to attend weekly support groups as well as engaging in family therapy.

For more information on the individual programmes please visit the various treatment pages.