As the country’s leading trainer in the field of addiction, we are dedicated to: upskilling South Africa through the training of Recovery Coaches and Councillors, who will, in turn, impact the Drug, Work and Family arenas of our community. All U-ACT courses are registered with HPCSA or of SACSSP and you are awarded CPD points. U-ACT is a Section 18 A Trust funded by social responsibility initiatives. Download details

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U-ACT Counselling Course Part One

When: November 2012

Days: Monday 15th Nov to Sunday 21st (evenings during the week and full days over the weekend)

Duration: One Week

Cost:R3 000

Part Two: Monday 23rd January to Sunday 29th 2012

Part Three: Monday 20th February to Sunday 26th 2012

U-ACT Recovery Coaching Course

When: February 2011

Days: Full day Tuesday of every week

Duration: Three Months

Cost: R6 000