It is understandable that a person feels hopeless when they are caught up in an addiction cycle that pulls them towards using over and over again. After years and months of going through the cycle, it can feel as if there is no solution or way forward. The addiction cycle is like being caught in a maze, and not being aware that you’re in the maze, there is a slim chance of not finding your way out.

The good news is there is a way out of the cycle, and you can take advantage of the escape routes whereby you can break out of the addiction cycle. A renowned therapist once quoted that “between stimulus and response, a space exists, and in that space one has the power to choose their response, and in your response your growth and freedom”.

As addiction gets the better of you, the moments of choice become clouded, and seemingly impossible to locate. There are four main choice points that will give you the opportunity to retract and move towards freedom from addiction. Taking drugs or drinking alcohol starts from feeling the discomforts of life, however, bear in mind that all people at some stage experience these discomforts, you are not alone.

These challenges are part of life and no person is immune. It is about how we react to these discomforts, we have a choice to either live a healthy productive life or be pulled down into the addiction cycle. Those that choose to live a productive healthy life will avoid the cycle and respond to life’s challenges in a healthy manner, and by doing this the discomforts over time decrease.

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There are those that respond differently when they feel uncomfortable, sad, anxious or angry, and because you are anxious to eliminate the discomfort one will either start drinking or taking drugs to feel better and forget. Remember, the addiction cycle is an incredibly powerful enemy and will sway your will power and fool you. It is never too late to take a step back and make a decision you will not regret later. Become aware of the addiction cycle.