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SHARP Recovery Solutions –
Substance Abuse Treatment covered by Medical Aids

A cocaine addiction is often the main reason for taking cocaine in the first place. You will also find that sniffing cocaine socially is also another reason why it happens. Circumstance is what generally causes a user to partake, but a lot of research has been done into finding out more.

In fact, cocaine is one of the most commonly widespread and well researched illegal drugs. Over the past decade, a derivative known as crack, a cheaper version of cocaine has presented with a range of problems. Psychological and physical changes occur as to how the person feels and thinks emotionally when on a high.

Cocaine affects the nervous system and the brain which can be caused due to the personal feelings that cocaine brings to the users experience. The effect cocaine has varies from person to person, and users may experience some of the common highs, but not necessarily all these effects.
Cocaine stimulates the brain and produces a euphoric state, providing the user with a feeling of intense pleasure and a rewarding feeling. This is the reason why users become addicted as they want to experience the high over and over and end up in a rehab Johannesburg such as Sharp. When on a cocaine high, the user experiences grandiosity, the illusion of feeling better and superior to others and that’s precisely the feeling that leads to a cocaine addiction.

False highs created by cocaine, can annoy those not using and can lead to social problems. Once the drug wears off, the user feels even worse, and this is where they set themselves up for a cycle of using cocaine to try and feel better. However, in order to experience the same high each time, they need to increase the amount taken.  Users can also experience perceptual hallucinations and disturbances where they hear, feel and see things that aren’t really there.

Commonly users will experience hyperactivity, angry outbursts, anxiety and paranoia or may become gregarious and talkative. Long term users can experience opposite effects such as withdrawing from people, sadness and blunting of the emotions. Cocaine addictions can kill, and even first-time cocaine users can have seizures or fatal heart attacks. Sharp rehab Johannesburg is just a phone call away, which can help cocaine users overcome their addiction effectively.