Addiction counselling can help a person fight the battle to overcome that overpowering addiciton behaviour. All addictions are a compulsive, repeated behaviour that can be defined by a complete loss of control and overwhelming desire to act, no matter how harmful the consequences are that follow. Substance abuse harms everyone involved and is devastating to the lives they affect.

Addicts are usually in denial, and feel that they do not have a problem or they may display helplessness, and with each repeated act, their self worth deteriorates. Once an addict has lost touch with reality, their life and relationships fall apart. Family and friend also suffer immense trauma, as they watch helplessly, not knowing how to help. Professional licensed counsellors at Sharp rehab Johannesburg are there to help those affected around the clock.

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No Need to Stress

Addictions are more often than not a form of escape from underlying issues they are not able to deal with. Counselling is only one critical part of the treatment protocol, as the deep psychological issues also need to be addressed. Addictions are best treated as a combined process of counselling and medical treatment. Sharp rehab Johannesburg is supervised by a consultant psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, occupational therapist and residential nursing staff.

In addition, Sharp provides professional counsellors, of which some are themselves still in recovery. Addiction counselling of this nature provides clients with a positive role model that creates an atmosphere of acceptance and understanding. The centre provides a highly professional multi disciplinary team to treat both the physical and psychological effects of the client, which has proved highly successful.

The program is about becoming conscious about the choices the clients make each day, and is carried out by the help and presence of professional counsellors and others who still are and have been in the same situation. Sharp provides a caring and nurturing atmosphere, and is a centre where clients can learn and teach one another how to take full responsibility for their emotions and actions. Unconditional love and acceptance concurs all.