People often misjudge their ability to avoid relapse as many of them believe that rehabilitation is the hardest part for people struggling with addiction, but in fact a month or so after rehabilitation can be more difficult than rehabilitation itself. On the contrary, the first month or so after rehab are possibly the most trying for a struggling addict, as there support system is less after they have left the rehabilitation centre. Life after rehabilitation can be extremely scary for a newly recovering addict.

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Simply Relax and Avoid Anxiety

There is several ways in which one can reduce the chances of relapse as well as the overall anxiety one experiences. When you leave rehab one should find a sponsor such as a friend or family member that you can contact should you start feeling overwhelmed. You should continue with your rehab program in conjunction with a sponsor. Get sufficient rest, eat a well balanced diet and surround yourself with positive people. When you are feeling overwhelmed, express this in a positive manner such as going to therapy or participate in an artistic outlet.

The best way to avoid relapse and ensure a successful recovery is to make sure your life has meaning in several different avenues such as creating new friendships that are supportive and nurturing, join a volunteers group and help others that are less fortunate. Start writing journals about your experience that could be a start of a book or start a blog and share your experience with others that have or had addictions.

One needs to rediscover simple basic fun things that once used to bring joy and peace before addiction took over your life. Take up activities at a local community college such as Pilates, painting or yoga can help you work on relationships, especially those that suffered due to your past addiction or were unable to avoid relapse. Tell these people how you feel about your past addiction and allow them to express how they felt when they witnessed your downward spiral.

Putting your life back on tract is incredibly challenging after rehabilitation. However, one should work on their recovery each and every day, and yes you too can avoid relapse and become a success story. Continue your outpatient programs and when you are experiencing a difficult situation call your sponsor immediately.