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Get help on getting the right help for substance use and addiction disorders.

Progressive, Professional Treatment

Our Treatment Philosophy

At the Foundation Clinic we treat all our clients as individuals, with our treatment programmes developed using cognitive behavioural therapy, systemic coaching and a bio-psycho-social approach to treatment.

We believe that our clients have the answers to their recovery and wellness, and by supporting, educating and engaging, we are able to co-create recovery plans that are realistic, meaningful and sustainable.

Our clients are treated with unconditional positive regard, and we believe in working with the family and support structure to create optimal treatment outcomes. Through a combination of therapy, coaching, adult education, peer support and personal development our clients are able to move from a Culture of Addiction to a Culture of Recovery.

Our services and programmes

The Foundation Clinic offers the following substance use & addiction treatment and recovery programmes

Medical Detox

The clinic is registered to support clients through medically-assisted detox to ease the withdrawal from habit-forming substances and ensure a safe start to their treatment and recovery process under the care of the medical team.

Inpatient Treatment

The clinic offers inpatient treatment based on international best practice, focusing on cognitive behavioural practices, systemic coaching and the bio-psycho-social model. Programmes start at 21 days, with long term options available.

Outpatient Programme

The clinic has developed an outpatient programmes that combines systemic coaching, adult education and peer support. The three-week programme is available for a 12-month period to develop a sustainable recovery, and includes individual coaching.


Contracted to Medical Aids

We are contracted to all major medical aids.

For more information on the programme fees and costs, and what your medical aid covers, please contact Mureeda or Fatima


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