The Foundation Clinic Team

The multidisciplinary team at The Foundation Clinic has been developed to support clients in their recovery process. Each client's programme is designed to be as individualised as possible, with group sessions being supported by one-on-one therapy, counselling and/or coaching that is focused on each person's specific situation and needs.

The therapeutic and medical team meets twice a week for case management to ensure that clients are all receiving the best, most effective treatment and care. Here, recommendations are made for ongoing support in the programme, as well as in the post-treatment space. All treatment plans are developed around the clients' individual needs, wants, values and preferences, with attention being paid to family involvement and psycho-education. This is based on their bio-psycho-social profile and report which takes part in the first few days of the treatment programme, following detox.

The team is regularly debriefed, and all therapeutic team members are under supervision through their various professional bodies. Ongoing professional and personal development is encouraged among all the team members, and the team works together as a unit to ensure that our clients receive the best treatment, support and compassionate care that we can offer.

Multidisciplinary, Professional, Compassionate


Fatima & Mureeda

Clinic & Operations' Managers

Fatima and Mureeda oversee the running of the clinic, as well as being the medical aid experts in the organisation. They are both certified recovery coaches and facilitators, and have extensive experience working with the clients and families through the programmes, throughout the admission and treatment process. Mureeda and Fatima are extremely knowledgable about the clinic's programmes and approach.

Judith Gordon-Drake - Clinical Social Wo

Judith Gordon-Drake

Consultant Clinical Social Worker

Judith has a Masters Degree in Social Work and currently in the UJ PhD programme. Her expertise is in individual, couples' and family work in the addiction and substance use treatment space. She is also trained for trauma debriefing & couples' mediation. Judith is a member of the NRGP counselling team and consults for ICAS. She is a caring, empathetic therapist, who combines professional and lived experience in her work.

Pius Motswedi - House Manager.JPG


House & Facilities' Manager

Pius has been working in the substance use treatment management space for more than 20 years. His compassion, wisdom and unconditional positive regard for the clients is an essential part of his effective house management style. Pius has also trained as a coach and supports the team in many areas, including operations and maintenance. Pius is a central part of the team, and his wisdom is part of the clinic's magic.


Sister Noma

Head of Nursing

Sister Noma is a Registered Nurse with the SANC, and oversees all medical protocols regarding admission and detox in collaboration with the treating doctor. Noma ensures that clients are receiving their medications, and also supports clients emotionally through their detox and treatment process as a kind and compassionate nursing sister, who is able to answer clients' questions about their treatment and detox process.



Recovery Coach

Sieraaj is a certified professional recovery coach who is currently studying a bachelors degree through the South African Schools of Applied Psychology (SACAP). Sieraaj supports clients individually, as well as being a group facilitator in the treatment programme and assistant house manager. Sieraaj's compassion and kindness is couple with strong boundaries, which he models to the clients.

Rasada Goldblatt.jpeg


Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Rasada is an experienced practitioner specialising in trauma healing and recovery. His modalities include family constellations, trauma and somatic experiencing, as substance use and addiction disorders are often rooted in unresolved trauma. Rasada facilitates group processes and is available for private consultations. His deep compassion, empathy and ability to support clients where they are, is part of his incredible gift of healing. 



Coach & Administrator

Chané began with the clinic as an intern following her Recovery Coach certification. She facilitates groups as well as being extremely well informed about the programmes at the clinic. She assists with the clinic administration, at the same time as studying psychology & criminology through UNISA, and a business degree through Regent Business  School. She brings a youth to the team and is committed to the work.




Munya assists the team with administration and admissions' support. Her commitment to ensuring that the clients and the team are taken care of is a huge asset to the organisation. She is well versed on the treatment and recovery programmes that are offered at the clinic to address substance use and addiction, and is always happy to spare time for a client or a family  member to support them in their process.

Mimi, Priscilla & Antoinette - Household

Mimi, Priscilla & Antoinette

Kitchen & Housekeeping Team

The ladies in the house are an essential part of the team, taking care of the clients during the week in the residential clinic. Not only does Mimi ensure that the clients are cooked delicious, nutritious meals three times a day, but Priscilla and Antoinette look after the cleanliness and hygiene of the living and sleeping areas. They are an integral part of the clinic's team and ensure that the clients are free to focus on their personal recovery processes.


Leigh-Anne Brierley

Outpatient Manager

Leigh-Anne is the co-creator of the clinic's outpatient and aftercare programme, and is very involved in that area of the treatment programme, facilitating groups and individual sessions. She is a Master Coach and her coaching work is primarily with those who are impacted by substance use and addiction disorders. She combines her lived experience with her training to create an empowering coaching and recovery space.

Leigh-Anne is also a member of the U-ACT facilitation team which trains recovery coaches to work as substance use professionals both in South Africa and internationally.

josh murphy.png

Joshua Murphy

Behavioural Specialist

Joshua Murphy is a certified professional recovery coach and behavioural scientist with over 10 years in public health programmes in South Africa. He currently works for the Aurum Institute supporting the South African Department of Health in optimising HIV, TB and other chronic disease services. With degrees in psychology (Tufts) and public health (UNC-Chapel Hill), Josh promotes the importance of understanding the social determinants of health, community empowerment and participation in all his work. As a researcher he has published extensively on the use of health information, mixed research methodologies and plans to expand into documenting multiple pathways to recovery.

Cannious anf Freedom - Clinic Security O

Cannious & Freedom

Property Security

Cannious and Freedom take care of the security and access control at the clinic. They are ready to support in emergency situations, as well as being our point men on our COVID-19 screening protocols. They are both kind, wise and always happy to lend an ear to clients who are looking for support in the evenings or over the weekends. They are central to ensuring the safety and well-being of the clients at the clinic and that the security and safety protocols are followed.


Dr Andrea Nolte

Medical Practitioner

Dr Nolte has a medical degree (MBChB) from the University of the Witwatersrand, and has been practising since 1987. She has extensive experience working in the field of substance use disorder detox, and her wealth of knowledge ensures that all patients are cared for in the most effective way. She is registered with the Health Professionals' Council of South Africa (HPCSA) where she is in good standing. She is extremely mindful of patient care and the discomfort of detox, and ensures that clients are well cared for.


Dr Ajay Makan


Dr Ajay Makan offers a unique and rare combination of skills. He holds the Associate Certified Coaching Programme (ACC) for the University of Cape Town (UCT), Graduate School of Business – Centre for Coaching. 

He is a University of Cape Town (UCT) Masters in Business Administration (MBA) graduate with specialization in Strategy & Finance. Prior, he obtained a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBCh) form the University of Witwatersrand. With solid practical exposure to neurology he is also a Fellow of the College of Psychiatry (FCPsych).

Marilyn Davis-Schulman.jpeg

Marilyn Davis-Shulman

Clinical Psychologist

Marilyn Davis-Shulman is a licensed clinical psychologist and trauma and addiction specialist. She runs a full time psychological practice in Johannesburg, South Africa. She has expertise and experience in the field of addiction and has completed extensive post graduate training in trauma-related areas of interest. She regards her deep understanding of traumatic stress as a vital component of working with her patients on their recovery from addictive disorders. Marilyn is available for external consults.

Georgina Dix - Registered Counsellor.jpe

Georgina Dix

Registered Counsellor

Georgina has recently completed her honours degree and works with the clients as part of the individual therapy, as well as supporting clients in understanding how to support themselves following treatment, by assisting in the design of their exit plans and strategies. Georgina is passionate and committed, and brings a strong, youthful presence to the team. Georgina is committed to her work at the clinic and has embraced the opportunities that she had as a student intern and a position has been created for her.