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The pre- and admission process at the clinic is supported by the professional team.


On admission you will go through the following:

  • Complete a COVID-19 test with negative result.

  • Assessment with a member of the admission team.

  • Completion of admission paperwork, including:​

    • ​Personal information & contact of family members.​
    • Consent to release private information.

    • Consent to complete medical aid authorisation.

    • Introduction to clinic rules and guidelines.

  • Financial arrangements and medical aid authorisation.

  • Medical assessment and detox consultation.

  • Allocation of accommodation.

Following the first few days of rest and relaxation, clients will be orientated onto the programme and introduced to their coach, counsellor and/or social worker. Families, partners and loved ones will only be contacted with the consent of the client admitted into the programme.

What happens after admission?

Our team is trained to support yourself and your family during the admission and treatment process.

We encourage family engagement in the process, but during the first seven days there is no phone contact between families, as a way to allow the client to settle into their treatment and recovery process.

You are welcome to contact the clinic during this time to check on the well-being of your loved on. This information can be shared in line with the permissions we have been granted.

Following the first seven days, clients have access to their phones at designated times.

Parents are able to talk to their young children during their first seven days at conveniently arranged times.

Families have access to support on a Wednesday from 4:00 - 6:00pm, and will be contacted to arrange individual family sessions.

PLEASE ensure that all cash, credit cards and personal tech are handed into the nurse on admission. They will be securely stored in a locked safe.

If you have any other questions, please download the family support info.

Medical Aid Admissions

If you are using your medical aid for your admission, please be aware of the following:

  • Speak to your medical aid about your available prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) for substance use treatment.

  • Check your other in-hospital or chronic PMBs relating to mental health (e.g. therapy benefits).

  • Ask the financial team at the clinic to explain your benefits, and whether there are any shortfalls or co-payments.

  • Make arrangements for the R3,000.00 patient management fee that is payable on all medical aid admissions.

  • Bring your medical aid card (or number) and ID document with you on admission.

  • The team will assist with the authorisation based on your admission information.

Please be aware that the following might result in additional charges, depending on your medical aid benefits and will be charged separately:

  • Additional medical consultations with the treating doctor following admission.

  • Additional therapy and counselling sessions.

  • External psychiatric, therapeutic or specialist consultations.

  • Covid-19 test prior to admission.

  • Laboratory tests recommended by the treating doctor at an independent pathologists.

  • Chronic medication for pre-existing medical and mental health conditions.

  • Certain detox  meds (e.g. suboxone, methadone, etc.) are not covered by medical aids.

No additional charges, external consultations or medications will be invoiced before consulting the financially- responsible individuals listed.

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