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Our clients are at the very heart of our business. We pay special attention to their feedback and are constantly striving to improve the service that we offer to the individuals and families that trust us their treatment and recovery.

From pre-admission to your post-treatment aftercare and support, we are focused on giving you the best experience that we can.

Our focus is on delivering the best treatment and recovery services that we can, and do so in an environment that is about adult education, compassionate care, and professional support.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Guilherme Stecanella


I had an incredible time here at the Foundation Clinic. I've learnt so much about myself. having there 3 weeks to just focus on myself and well being has been an opportunity I don't take for granted.

Image by James Barr


My experience has been overwhelming. From the first day staff are exceptional and are here for you in every single way from start to finish I will be forever grateful for all the people who has helped me see a new way of life just wish every person that is struggling could get this opportunity

Image by Taylor Grote


I am honoured to have been introduced to this programme, it has changed my life and perspective, it has strengthened my sobriety and I'm grateful.


I for myself had a really insightful and amazing time at the clinic. The team always treated me with respect and care. I was allowed to make decisions that would enhance my treatment here. Would definitely recommend IT to people. The wellness (programme) is an amazing new insight into recovery.

Image by Matheus Ferrero


I have always found the Foundation to have a "magical" impact on my life. Other institutions and rehabs often treat people like children and/or patients and I have never (not often) felt that way here. It really boils down to the fact that recovery is our own responsibility and choice. The Foundation has an holistic approach without forcing any opinions and/or religion on people. I always feel accepted, loved and appreciated when I am here. The food is great and the staff are loving, friendly, professional and competent.


I had a wonderful time. I needed to be here this time and I appreciate the care and support. This was my second time here and this time I concentrated more on the support and the Trauma work that I have done. I would like to thank each and everyone in my recovery program. I really feel like a new man at the age of 40. Thank you and love you all!

Image by Alexandru Zdrobău


It has been a an exceptional breakthrough in understanding myself and being well. I will recommend this facility and programme to anyone, as I believe it is ground-breaking work in comparison to any alternatives available in SA. The team is exceptional with each coach playing to their own strength. I found value in working with all of them. Thank you so much for the start of an amazing journey, I cannot thank the team enough.

Image by Brooke Cagle


Through the self help advice and education, the continued support in wellness classes I finally had a spiritual awakening. I became aware of the chaos I had created in others Lives, and my resentments were not Justified. In fact I came to realise the carrying resentment is one of the factors that kept me ill.
In my opinion, the Foundation clinic is the finest substance abuse program on the planet.
The professional staff genuinely understand the disorder, each and every one only wants to see clients Heal. The spiritual principles by which I now live my life have shown me the light of who I really am. For the first time in my life I feel that I am worthy of loving Myself.

Image by Raghav bhadoriya


Highly professional, compassionate, insightful and supportive care. Fully informed by contemporary research findings about addiction. A great alternative to the stigmatisation and blaming that most other recovery facilities engage in with regard to addiction. Also encouraging to find a diversity in terms of age, race and background amongst clients, which is most welcome.

Image by Proriat Hospitality


I truly value the open minded and gentle approach to aspects of recovery especially wellness, recovery and the brain as well as being treated like an adult.

Image by Dani


I love this place and I am very grateful for the programme here. I love the words Wellness and Recovery Capital. THANK YOU!

Image by Joanna Nix-Walkup


It was a fun, educational and therapeutic experience...I learned a lot about myself and my like and dislikes and what I should work on to become a better person.

Image by Judeus Samson


I came to the clinic lost and without direction. I have learnt to be more comfortable with myself, I learnt how to have honest and healthy relationships with other people. I discovered who I am . I found my self , my purpose and learnt that my recovery is not only the abstinence from drugs but the complete change in my behaviour, personality and freedom from my addiction.

Image by Michael Afonso


The best thing that could have happened to me ,discovered my true self and began to love myself with my flaws, and equipped myself with tools to understand myself and grow in all aspects of my life.

Image by Silviu Beniamin Tofan


This is my first and please g-d last recovery centre that I will come too, I will be leaving with a new outlook towards people with addiction and a new outlook too life! I feel like I have been empowered to face the real world sober and with more confidence. this program has been the best thing that has happened too me in my adult life, I would recommend this to anybody with an addiction.

Image by Ramiro Pianarosa


It was great being here and has a great positive energy around for us
the staff and team are well educated and have sincere feelings towards our recovery and thank you for believing in me and motivating me in my recovery program by giving me all the tools I needed.

Image by Samuel Raita


Very spiritual and I felt the love all over from the staff to the patients, this is a really special place.

Image by Karsten Winegeart


My experience was absolutely wonderful. The staff were very friendly and the facilities were impeccable. It was honestly a life changing experience. The knowledge acquired over the 3 weeks has been priceless. Big thank you to every single person involved with the foundation clinic.

Image by Michael Dam


My experience opened up much information that I was not aware of and gave me the opportunity to formulate a structured environment for myself and my self confidence.

Image by streegar


I could not think of a better environment to start my recovery in , the surrounding promotes interaction and personal growth , the classes help you find your own answers and essentially help yourself. I'm very pleased with being here and think it was the best decision of my life.

Image by Dollar Gill


My experience was a well informed team, who handled themselves in a professional manner. I really learned a lot and will be implementing all learnings in my recovery.

Image by Ankush Aery


My experience here at the foundation was nothing short of incredible and life changing. Every staff member thoroughly supported me and showed love and compassion through-out. Blessed to have been a part of the foundation clinic in all aspects.

Image by Jonas Kakaroto


The programme was perfect. I enjoyed the classes which was very informative and learned a lot from them. The information is very useful as tools for life's circumstances. The food is excellent. The recreational facilities really helps keep busy as well. Management and staff were very professional. 10/10 To The Foundation Clinic.

Image by Atikh Bana


I have enjoyed the programme and would highly recommend the Foundation clinic to anyone including my friends. Thank you for the great experience and for sharing your knowledge with me.

A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony


The Foundation has been a very insightful experience, where various aspects of my life have been enhanced through the numerous and broad understanding of how addiction is really treated. The programme, not only, helped me to recover from addiction, but has also helped me understand how drugs can holistically affect the mind, body and spirit. I am truly grateful to have been part of the programme and I would recommend the programme to anyone who is seeking help. 


I have had a very enlightening experience at the Foundation Clinic and it has been invaluable to my recovery as a whole. I appreciate everyone who was involved in my process through primary. I have made new, healthy friends and associations that I will treasure for years to come. I have the utmost humility about the recovery process and absolutely indebted to the Foundation Clinic for their role in my recovery and wellness. Thank you very much for the experience and lessons learnt.

Image by Mitchell Luo


I learnt (things which) gave me a broad understanding of where my life went wrong, through that I took notes and placed it into a life programme in which I intend to take with me through the rest of my life. What I found amazing was that it was not just about my drug addiction, it was more about sorting out my life from the time of existence and how to better my life which was my priority. Overall the programme was amazing; the best experience of my life.

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